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Rückbildungskurs ab dem

4. Juni 2024

Plane dir jetzt deine wöchentliche Auszeit ein, eine Routine, die dich stärkt & gut fühlen lässt


Ob tiefe Entspannung geniessen oder kraftvolle Gedanken tanken, eine Stunde für dich.

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​Lerne mich, meine Arbeit und mein wundervolles Yoga Team kennen

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Wo sich Körper, Kopf und Herz verbünden wird's kraftvoll 

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Super, das hat geklappt!


“Livia is an amazing and dedicated yoga teacher!
Taking her class has become a weekly “must” for me, my mind and my soul…her classes are a perfect combination of challenging & relaxing, and also very heartwarming & healing.
I love how she reads her students state of being and adapts her classes to the current situation/mood.
After her classes, I always feel more relaxed, calm and positive. Best hour of the week!✨
Livia is a kind spirit with a gentle soul, thoughtful,
and patient. She truly inspires me!
I absolutely recommend practicing yoga with her and already look forward to next week session💛
- Google Rezension zu Privatsessions -
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